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New Dugas Community Park Logo Purchase

Support Dugas Community Park with your purchase of a Gildan Softstyle Unisex T-shirt in Heathered Irish Green. All proceeds support our current multi-year fundraising and capital improvement project-Allen County’s first Dog Park! Please let us know if you would like additional information on how you can support the Dog Park by emailing us


Tshirt back green with multi-color park lohoTshirt front green with small multi-color park logo

Memorial and Honoree

You may choose to donate in memory or in honor of an individual or family. We ask that you designate which type of donation you are performing during your check out. Also, please provide not only your mailing address, but that of the person you are donating on behalf of so both parties may receive their donation receipt/notification.

General Fund

Your contribution to the general fund will supplement our endowment to help pay for utilities, upkeep and resources to Dugas Community Park to ensure it’s long lasting service to the people in our region.


We are striving to provide activities and entertainment for the community. If you would like to help towards any of our events, please use the donate button below. You will be given options for specific events during checkout.


Dumont Hill Park currently offers nearly four and one-half miles of trails with a range of surfaces and difficulty. As the other phases of the park develop, additional trails will be constructed. Your donation will be used towards costs associated with design and construction of trails as well as maintenance of the existing trails.


Stable and Horseback Riding Trails

Horses have been a constant with the Dugas family and at the Dugas Farm. We look forward to continuing this tradition by offering a riding stable and miles of trails just waiting for you to saddle up and see the park. Your donation will be used to fund design and construction of the stable and trails, as well as necessary equipment for care of the horses while stabled.

Construction Capital

If you do not have a favorite project, but would like to help our park grow this may be your area for donation. Funds raised in this general construction category will be used as the Board progresses through the construction of amenities from the master plan.

Your generous donation will fund future construction projects at Dugas Community Park. We have a number of building opportunities coming up. Check the Future page for more information on our upcoming projects.



We are currently working with educators at WKU and Allen County Schools to develop curriculum to meet the needs of today’s students. We are also partnering with informal educators to ensure a variety of educational activities for students and lifelong learners.

Donors to the education fund will see their dollars used for materials, transportation costs and guest presenters. Funds may also be used for fabrication of student designed site furniture or art projects.

Tree House Village

The Tree House Village is sure to be a unique addition to the park. It will allow kids of all ages to experience life in the trees!  The Tree House Village will allow visitors to learn about the life cycle of trees, their many uses throughout their life and after harvesting.

Treehouse rendering

Rendering completed by
Urban Design Associates.